Antique Hand-Scraped Horizontal Bamboo Flooring

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The antique hand scraped flooring

As the name it says, every groove of hand scraped is made by hands; make the flooring is more antique and classic styles.

Product Hand-scraped horizontal bamboo flooring
Material 100% bamboo
Coating 6 coating finish ,2 top UV coating
Finish Klump aluminum Oxide/Treffert Acrylic System
Surface Stained grey color
Formaldehyde Emission up to E1 standard of Europe
Plank Moisture content 8-10%
Function Durable,Anti-abrasion,sound-proof,Insect-free,moisture proof,eco-friendly
Certificate CE, ISO9001,ISO14001 ,BV, FSC
Residential warranty 25 years of structural guarantee
Delivery Within 15-20days after receipt of 30% deposit or L/C
MOQ 200 square meters
Hand-scraped horizontal bamboo flooring Technical Data



Surface Treatment


Joint(2 options)

Tongue & Groove

 Embossed Horizontal Bamboo Flooring Gray Color 14

Embossed Horizontal Bamboo Flooring Gray Color 15

Click lock system

 Embossed Horizontal Bamboo Flooring Gray Color 16

Embossed Horizontal Bamboo Flooring Gray Color 17





Moisture Content


Release of formaldehyde

0.007mg/ m³

Installation method

Indoor, float or glue

Carton size


1040×280×165 mm


1040×280×165 mm



With Pallets

20pcs/ctn/2.652㎡, 52ctns/plt, 10plts, 520ctns/1379.04㎡

Cartons Only

20ctns/ctn/2.652㎡, 662ctn/1755.62㎡


With Pallets

18pcs/ctn/2.3868㎡, 52ctns/plt, 10plts, 520ctns/1241.14㎡

Cartons Only

18pcs/ctn/2.3868㎡, 662ctns/1580.06㎡

Products Pictures

Antique Hand-Scraped Horizontal Bamboo Flooring 09
Antique Hand-Scraped Horizontal Bamboo Flooring 10

Bamboo Floor Care

Routine Cleaning
While bamboo is more resistant to moisture than most hardwoods, it is recommended not to use a wet mop or sponge to clean the floor; be sure to ring out the sponge or mop until it is only slightly damp. Spills should be cleaned up immediately. If liquid spills are left for a long period of time they may seep into your floor and cause deep staining which may be impossible to remove. Whenever water is used to clean up spills be sure to also dry the surface. Try to use the bamboo flooring supplier’s recommendation on cleaning products on your floor. Some suppliers may stipulate that only a certain brand or type of cleaning agent should be used on the floor that they have supplied. If this is the case, be careful that you do not invalidate your warranty by using another brand or type. Use a cleaner that will not leave a residue that will inhibit bonding and re-coating. Aluminum oxide is a popular finish because of its long lasting durability, but it can be disrupted with cleaning products containing mineral spirits. do not use any kind of wax unless you are prepared to continue waxing through out the life of your floor. If you use a wax, no other top coat may be applied.

High heeled shoes can damage a bamboo floor. It is not recommended that you allow such shoes to come into contact with your floor as the load pressure on such a narrow point of contact can exert a huge amount of pressure on the floor, causing it to become dented. Heel or scuff marks, and stubborn stains may be removed by lightly rubbing with a cloth and a wood floor cleaner. Urethane finishes eventually will show wear patterns from surface scratching. When high surface areas look dull, it is time to re-coat or restore the finish. Always follow the manufacturer’s or supplier’s recommendations. direct sunlight for long periods of time can cause some types of bamboo floor to become discolored over time. When purchasing bamboo flooring, ask if the finish includes an UV-protective layer. To further protect your floors from sun damage use window screens, shades, curtains, and, or blinds. Remember, spending a little time looking after your bamboo floors will ensure that it continues to look great and lasts for many years and will be sure to help eliminate the need for any major maintenance to be carried out.

For more detail on how to install and maintain a bamboo floor, it is always best to talk with the professionals directly.  Contractors with experience in installing bamboo flooring, along with sales reps who sell it, can be valuable resources in helping you to choose your bamboo flooring.  They can also make sure that you are the best ally your bamboo flooring has in ensuring the long life of your flooring!

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