New launch — the fishbone bamboo flooring

Fishbone flooring refers to a relatively advanced floor laying method, which is like fish bones. Fishbone splicing requires cutting 60° on both sides of the floor to align the middle seam and make the whole look more neat. Because this splicing method requires cutting 60° off a piece of complete material, the material consumption is also more expensive than other flooring laying methods. But the effect of doing so is both retro and elegant, which is an effect that other installation methods can’t achieve.


The effect of fishbone flooring very aesthetic, which can bring people high-quality and high-value wood floor decoration effect. Among all the wood floor installation methods, fishbone floor is definitely a very charming. Fishbone flooring brings energy to any room. Just a step away from herringbone, it’s a modern twist on a cherished classic. The angled pattern captures elegant symmetry, while each block is enriched with the naturally inspired beauty of real wood. The differences of fishbone and herringbone floorings?

1. Different forms
Many people will confuse herringbone flooring with fishbone flooring. Although they look a little alike, one is fishbone pattern, the other is herringbone pattern, the other is diamond plate, and the other is rectangular plate.
Fishbone parquet is named because it looks like rows of fishbone, and herringbone parquet is named because it looks like the Chinese character “human”, so the difference in shape is the most obvious difference between fishbone parquet and herringbone parquet. The following figure is the schematic diagram of fishbone parquet and herringbone parquet.


2. Different losses
Fishbone splicing: among all flooring installation methods, fishbone splicing is the one with the greatest loss. The floor used for fishbone splicing is not a common rectangle, but a diamond. Both sides of each floor should be cut at 45 degrees or 60 degrees. Then carry out the “V” shape splicing, and the beginning and closing places need to be trimmed, which has losses.

Post time: Aug-09-2022