Factory’s New Arrival ——Vacuum spraying machine for special-shaped wall panels

The factory‘s new arrival ——Vacuum spraying machine.  In order to upgrade our factory’s competitiveness , have specially designed a vacuum paint spraying line that can meet the paint spraying requirements of various irregular wall panels.

vaccum spraying machine01

The material pressing adopts a multi-point, segmented, and multi-angle method, making the transportation of irregular workpieces more stable. The left and right sides are transported by wheel side pressure, effectively preventing left and right swing.

vaccum spraying machine02

During the working process of the vacuum paint line, the atomized coating is recycled in a quasi enclosed space, without leakage or emissions, which is more conducive to environmental protection and worker health.

The product can be sprayed on any surface at once, with strong practicality and uniform paint film thickness

 vaccum spraying machine03

Post time: Sep-01-2023