What is 3D Printing Series?

Xunchao Bamboo 3D Printing bamboo flooring is the new technology of bamboo flooring. The ideal replacement of wood flooring, so the main technology is to “Print” the wooden grains on the bamboo top layer during production. When the printing is finished, the pattern is on the surface of the bamboo boards. New technology 3D printing bamboo flooring, decorative enhancement. Each grain is no-repeated.


The advantages of 3D printing bamboo floorings

Traditional wood veins bamboo flooring is easy to lose grain on surface, but the new technology of printing machine make the wood grains are super stable and fadeless, and the non-repeated grains are made it more natural and attractive, better fading and scratching resistant.
Xunchao 3D Printing bamboo flooring has all the advantages of traditional bamboo floorings, it is still kept: deep carbonizing process, moisture proof, insect free, low maintenance, long service life etc…And the no-repeated wooden grains boards look and feel more like the natural wood due to the super printing treatment of the surface.
Our company also has several printing plus embossing patterns for you to go for, like embossed white and the oak wire brushed, which are the most popular in the market.
The color of 3D printing flooring is balanced, and there will be no difference in light or dark colors, and it can be changed according to personal preferences and home decoration style, so that to meet the needs of various customers in an all-round way.

The color option of 3D printing series

Almost all the normal color we can supply, now we have 10 items (Teak, Walnut, Rosewood, Natural Oak, Cumaru, Embossed White, Oak gray, Oak wire brushed Cyan and Wind flow) for your selection as below pictures. If you want to do some special, you can send us your sample, we can do as your sample, and this will give you and your customers more choice.


Post time: Aug-09-2022