Honored to be chosen as an assembly application of bamboo supplier for interior design of CCIAD Qianfu International headquarters in Beijing.

The project is a working space for CCIAD Qianfu International headquarters in Beijing. The project covers an area of 500 square meters. The plan includes office space, conference space and private reception space. The continuous bamboo frame creates a solemn sense of order in the space.

The model of “Mobius ring” spliced with standard rods at the end of the corridor shows a posture of spiral rise and repeated rotation, which implies that Qianfu Group, after years of hard work, is still growing and cycling upward.


The bamboo squares stacked repeatedly in the elevator hall form a huge and abstract grid, and the logo wall has also become a unique landscape in the new office.


The design combines multiple standard modules to form a unified and orderly spatial texture. The overall space is mainly made of dark bamboo block, together with glass, stainless steel and other materials, reflecting the delicate and elegant space.


The conference table made of black bamboo standardized components is unique. An appropriate amount of soft decoration embellishes the color and quality of the space. Replace the solid wall with the red vertical partition, and deal with the two elements of privacy and openness in the partition, which increases the interest of the space and gives the space a lively and relaxed atmosphere.


This project uses assembly integrated technology to carry out prefabrication and processing in the factory, standardized NC production, high precision, fast speed, high material utilization rate, greatly reducing production and construction costs and shortening the construction cycle. Through the combination and splicing of standardized modules, they support each other to form a spatial structure. The application of this technology enables us to continue and inherit the bamboo structure technology through modern technological production means, so as to achieve the harmonious unity of sensibility and rationality.

Post time: Aug-09-2022